Indie Gala: Hump Day Bundle #6

12 indie games in the new Hump Day Bundle #6!

Breakout Invaders is a fun fusion between two classic game genres: “Breakout” and “Space Invaders”.

Why So Evil is hard, really hard, incredibly hard.

The Nightmare Cooperative is a strategic roguelike where you lead a group of unlikely comrades through some rather difficult situations.

Urja is fun, fast paced and challenging. This puzzling first person shooter will transport you into 12 beautiful worlds where you will try to strike the balance between stealth and tactical strategy to reach the top of our global leaderboards and take part in community competitions for real life prizes!

Avenging Angel is a story-driven FPS/Adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic steam-powered world.

Why So Evil 2 is a sequel of an indie game Why So Evil. You have to change the color of your cube to match the color of platforms or walls featured in the game.

Grave Prosperity: Redux follows Amber Ridge as she finds herself broken down on a mountain road.

In Square Heroes you are a genetically engineered killing machine with time on your hands.

Red Lake is a horror shooter with elements of a quest.

Roll your way through 24 huge levels across six different themes in On A Roll 3D, a fast, colourful 3D platform game.

Helena The 3rd is a unique spin on the classic metroidvania style of game. While piloting a jumping tank, switch between 2D, 3D, and First Person perspectives as you search for upgrades for your combat vehicle.

Once Bitten Twice Dead is a new MMO first-person shooter, set in an open world with a serious zombie problem!

Hump Day Bundle #6 includes:

  • Breakout Invaders
  • Why So Evil
  • The Nightmare Cooperative
  • Urja
  • Avenging Angel
  • Why So Evil 2: Dystopia
  • Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1
  • Square Heroes
  • Red Lake
  • On A Roll 3D
  • Helena The 3rd
  • Once Bitten, Twice Dead!

Get your copy of the Hump Day Bundle #6 over at Indie Gala.

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