Indie Royale: The Debut #21 Bundle

Urja is fast paced and challenging puzzling first person shooter that will transport you into 12 beautiful worlds where you will try to strike the balance between stealth and tactical strategy. The objective is simple; destroy all the entities as fast as you can. There are many different ways to approach each world and with intuitive AI every game will be different.

Just Get Through is a randomly generated platformer featuring upgrades, explosions, traps, walljumping and more. You play as a dude trapped somewhere in a jungle-like environment. You try to escape but there is no exit – only those portals.

Miner Warfare is a frantic 2D action multiplayer experience. Up to 8 miners dig their way through dirt blocks and other miners to be the wealthiest gold digger at the end of the match! Ten maps, more than twenty weapons and up to 8 players in local makes this the perfect friendship breaker game!

Other notable games in this bundle are Ilamentia and The Ingenous Machine.

The Debut Bundle includes:

  • Urja
  • Quantum Conscience
  • Fake Colours
  • F1 Chequered Flag
  • Just Get Through
  • Ilamentia
  • Miner Warfare
  • The Ingenious Machine: New and Improved Edition

Grab them over at Indie Royale.

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