IndieGala: Every Monday Bundle #106

IndieGala: Every Monday Bundle #106

Pay $1.89 or more (ONLY FIRST 24h) and get the following 7 Steam Games:
  • Generic Space Shooter

The aim of the game is very simple; SURVIVE! Try and survive for as long as you can, the longer you are alive the harder everything gets. New enemies will start spawning, different bosses will spawn, and the older enemies will start getting a little more aggressive.

  • Stop Online – Battle of Words

Stop Online is a multiplayer battle of words game where you compete with several players aiming to challenge them on their knowledge of words, trying to be the quickest to respond in order to achieve the highest rank.

  • Big Fish Legend

One summer day the old friend Rat tells the kitten legend about Big Fish. The kitten has a desire to get the fish and starts its journey. The legend tells that there is one big fish in the world that can be caught by only the most strongest and bravest one.

  • Ares Omega

A rebellion has taken place at a remote military base on Mars. The facility specialized in the research and development of autonomous weaponized robots. The most advanced robots were able to seize control of the entire base.

  • Story of a Cube

Take control of the Cube and blast your way through an abstract world full of danger. Story of a Cube is juicy and fast-paced shooter starring a cube who sets out to take revenge on the evil circles who kidnapped his family.

  • Airstrike HD 

Your goal is to destroy all buildings on the mission and defeat all Bosses. One combat operation includes 5 levels and 1 boss mission. The aircraft will lose altitude with each descent, so be cautious!

  • Rhino’s Rage 

It is a turn-based tactical game, where you can accelerate and bunt enemies. There is a game mode for one player in different modes with own combat mechanics and characters with unique team roles are used in the game: pusher, stopper, tumbleweed and sprinter.

Grab the Every Monday Bundle from Capsule Computers only at IndieGala!

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