IndieGameStand: Attack of the Labyrinth

Attack of the Labyrinth is an action arcade game for 1-4 players. With the help of ancient magics and piles of gold, Who can vanquish the evil within the Labyrinth, and who can escape with the most riches?

The forces of evil have invaded the land. A labyrinth of evil has appeared in the kingdom and legions of monsters are pouring out of its vile depths. The king has called upon a small party of heroes, the Champions of Virtue, to vanquish the demon within and free the land from a grim fate!

Attack of the Labyrinth is suited for up to 4 players in local co-op. You can play as a Knight, Wizard, Archer or Dragon. Dungeons are randomly generated. Battle through 10 levels of the labyrinth to reach the heart of evil, collect upgrades to help you mow down the forces of darkness and become the legend – the richest champion of them all!

Survive the Attack of the Labyrinth over at IndieGameStand.


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