IndieGameStand: Barter Empire

The king is dead, the queen is missing. The only known heir to the throne is believed dead, and the fate of an entire kingdom rests in your hands. Enter the land of war-torn Ditherra. A land of pirates, thieves, traders, smugglers, kings, queens, deities and mortals. Wealth and power control Ditherra, and the power struggle has divided the land between the East and West. So, it’s a kind of mixture of Dragon Age, Fallout New Vegas and Game of Thrones. With a few unique twists.


For instance, the game has it’s own farming system, if those nights spent with Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim weren’t enough. In addition, you can cook, craft, go fishing or study alchemy, bartering skills and hunting.

The most interesting part, however, is the unique barter system that allows you find rare items and barter them for others + gambling system solved with casinos. With massive world to explore, open ended gameplay and even marriage and adoption system, this game can keep you occupied for hours.

Get it over at IndieGameStand.



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