International Day of the Programmer Free eBook Bundle

Did you know that September 12th, 2020 is the International Day of the Programmer?

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This annual event is held on the 256th day of the year – and a computer Byte can store 256 values – so in the programmers’ world, it’s a very special number… hence the very special day!

Fanatical is offering a totally free bundle of three programming eBooks to everyone that claims them before September 18th. No minimum spend, no pesky forms to fill in, and no endless questions about what your favorite color is (it’s orange isn’t it?) – just a free gift from Fanatical to you, so go tell your friends about it too!

It doesn’t end there though as Fanatical will also send you a 20% off coupon that you can spend on any eBook Bundle on the Fanatical Store.

International Day of the Programmer Free Bundle


  • Learn Java 12 Programming is the first of our FREE eBooks. If you’re looking to understand how to develop all aspects of Java programming, from installing the Development Kit to OOP to working with Java libraries and network programming, this is the book for you. By the end of this book, you’ll not only be well versed with Java 10, 11, and 12 but will also have gained a perspective into the future of this language and software development in general.
  • Next up is the Expert Python Programming 3rd Edition. This latest edition of the popular series will take you through how to make Python readable, useful, and easy to maintain. It also shows you the best practices, useful tools and standards used by professional developers, as well as creating Python extensions with C, C++, Cython & CFFI.
  • Completing our line up of top quality FREE programming books is the Beginning C++ Game Programming 2nd Edition which includes all the latest features of Visual Studio 2019, SFML & modern C++ programming techniques. Beginning with the basics of game programming with key topics such as C++, OOP & OpenGL, this recently updated book walks you through the processes necessary to build your own games from scratch.

 Get your free books at Fanatical (available until September 18th 2020)

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