Intro to Computer Forensics Course

Intro to Computer Forensics Course – Equip Yourself with the Technical & Legal Knowledge to Run a Data Breach Investigation

Intro to Computer Forensics Course

You’ve probably seen or at least of heard of the show CSI, so you’ve got some idea of what a forensics investigator actually does. Well, they exist in the world of information technology as well, and it’s a much less dirty job. Computer forensics experts are often brought in after a cyber attack (think Yahoo!) to determine what exactly went wrong, and to carry out an investigation according to legal guidelines. Because of the difficulty and specificity of this job, these people make great money, and this course is going to teach you how to become one.

  • Access 23 comprehensive units of study 24/7
  • Carry out forensic analysis of network resources to identify intrusion attempts
  • Learn how to carry out an investigation according to industry best practices & legal guidelines
  • Search & seize resources as required for an investigation
  • Discover how to handle digital evidence to maintain legal standards
  • Understand what a first responder must do as soon as a breach is identified to prevent loss of evidence

Intro to Computer Forensics Course is available for a limited time over at IGB DEALS

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