The iOS 8 Game Creator Bundle

Why waste hours upon hours writing code from scratch when Chupamobile offers a whole marketplace of successful templates, just waiting to be customized?


While templates can be costly, the time, effort, and outsourcing costs saved are clearly worth the investment, and The iOS 8 Game Creator Bundle includes 4 tried-and-true templates ready to bring your game concepts to life, and maybe even make you some dollar bills:

  • Flappy Blueprint 2 – a foolproof template with a powerful monetization system based on the concepts used by the top grossing apps out there
  • The Impossible Game – Are you looking to build an ultra-addicting game that gets more and more exciting as the player advances, yet is impossible to win?
  • The Legendary 2048 – Build a game and a social experience for your users with this multiplayer template
  • Dot – Keyboards for Everyone – Built with Swift, this keyboard source code allows you to create custom keyboards

Please note that for Flappy Blueprint 2, The Impossible Game, and The Legendary 2048, iOS 6 or higher and Obj-C are required. For Dot, iOS 8.1 and Swift are required.

Available at IGB Deals for a limited time

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