IT Security & Ethical Hacking Bundle

IT Security & Ethical Hacking Bundle

In a world full of devious hackers and scriptkiddies, Informations Technology Security is a vastly growing market. This field is expanding, exciting, and best of all… well-paid.

This IT Security hacking bundle will lay out an easy-to-follow career path with three separate security certifications from reputable sources. Any company looking to create a name for themselves requires an online presence, and many of the larger ones don’t hesitate to employ ethical hackers in droves to ensure the security of their customers. Whether you are changing careers or just looking to make some extra cash, IT Security is an extremely lucrative field.

You can become certified and start your career as an IT Security agent in as few as 4-6 weeks for a price that simply can’t be beat! Save 98% on almost $2000 worth of ethical hacking certifications and courses.

Ethical Hacker Professional Certification Package


IT Security Hacking Bundle Career Path:

Starting with training for the new CompTIA Security+ exam, which verifies a strong security foundation. You’ll then move forward prepping for Cisco’s CCNASecurity exam, and finishing with the advanced Certified Ethical exam. You will learn information on passwords; how they’re created, restored, and different methods used to crack them. There is also plenty of information on spyware, keyloggers, and securing Windows systems against attacks. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, but this IT Security hacking bundle is current and applicable. Includes information that can be employed by almost everyone, except maybe people who aren’t online. But how many of those people are left? Your grandma maybe. Probably not.

IT Security Hacking Bundle Instructor:

LearnSmart has served the technology community with high-quality certification and skills training since 1997. LearnSmart has grown rapidly as a leading provider for individuals and corporations, serving clients from a broad range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as universities, government institutions and the armed forces. LearnSmart is recognized by Microsoft, Project Management Institute, and CompTIA as a registered partner or authorized training provider.

The IT Security Hacking Bundle includes the training, courses, and certifications to break into the lucrative world of ethical hacking – at IGB DEALS

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