Frontend JavaScript Coding Bundle

Frontend JavaScript Coding Bundle

Master Essential JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries with 7 Courses (32.5+ Hours) on EmberJS, ReactJS & More

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  • EmberJS

Add EmberJS to your programming arsenal, and you’ll tremendously amp up your coding acumen. This powerful JavaScript framework automates the minutiae of backend development so you can focus on the client side, allowing you to quickly and easily create scalable single-page web applications.

  • D3JS

Delve into D3JS, a handy open-source JavaScript library that turns large masses of data into polished data visualizations. You’ll learn to create interactive graphics that convey your datasets in digestible manners, in the process taking your JavaScript skills to the next level.

  • UnderscoreJS

Consider UnderscoreJS a personal assistant for your programming needs. This powerful library provides utility functions for common tasks, such as manipulating arrays, objects, collections, and other functions, so you don’t have to code them yourself.

  • BackboneJS

Learn all about BackboneJS, a handy JavaScript framework that will expedite the creation of powerful single-page web apps.

  • ReactJS

React is a tool you’ll undoubtedly find indispensable. You’ll learn to reap the benefits of React as a way to effectively render data as HTML, allowing you to build dynamic UIs that update quickly and efficiently.

  • KnockoutJS

This increasingly popular library allows you to design scalable, data-driven JavaScript UIs with no problem. KnockoutJS is particularly helpful for developing extensive client-side apps, using data binding to effectively organize code that would otherwise look cluttered and hard to read.

  • Facebook Flux

Developed by Facebook, Flux is a still-new application architecture used for building client-side web apps. It features a one-way data flow, which ensures app data update paths are explicit and understandable.

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