Kiss My Bundles: The Reprisal Bundle

Reprisal bundle is back and packed with action oriented content.

There’s iBomber series included: two games with non stop, high caliber, tower defense action. This game takes tower defense to a whole new level and pitches the player into the incredible action with all-new tactics and strategies, all-new maps, all-new weapons and enemies.


If you like to see your enemies eye to eye you’ll enjoy Marine Sharpshooter and Manhunter. Gun Metal and Hyper Fighers will put you behind the wheels of weapons of outmost destruction, while Glacier 3 will satisfy your need for speed and ice-skating!

Reprisal Bundle includes:

  • Marine Sharpshooter
  • Manhunter
  • iBomber Attack
  • Glacier 3
  • Hostile Waters: Anteus Rising
  • Hyper Fighters
  • Gun Metal
  • iBomber Defence Pacific

Get it over at Kiss My Bundles.

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