Lazy Guys Bundle – Bundle 13: Cool for the Summer

Lazy Guys Bundle – Bundle 13: Cool for the Summer brings you 9 interesting titles as well as some cool sweepstakes!

The Lazy Guys Bundle – Bundle 13 brings you 9 awesome titles for the limited time price of $2.49, afterwards it will be $2.99. Along with the games, Lazy Guys is offering Steam Wallet Credit for the top 3 contributors. Anyone who buys the bundle also has a chance of winning $10 in Steam Wallet Credit or a 20% off discount coupon for any of Lazy Guys’ future bundles. You can also check out their Steam, Facebook, and Twitter pages for a chance to win $5 in Steam Credit!

The bundle includes:

  • Battlepillars
  • Crash Drive 2
  • Mighty Dungeons
  • Royal Defense
  • Volt
  • Hypt
  • Cruel Arena
  • Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes
  • Fort Defense

Get the bundle over at Lazy Guys

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