Learn DIY Robotics with Arduino for Less Than $30

Got a knack for building things with your bare hands?

Love testing yourself with mental challenges? Develop your natural talent into a fun hobby and push your limits to new heights by learning the fundamentals of robotics with the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle.

Learn DIY Robotics with Arduino for Less Than $30

The 3 included courses, featuring more than 22 hours of learning, introduce you to robotics with mBot — the world’s friendliest educational robotics platform. Your first project, assembling and programming mBot to follow an arbitrary black line on a floor, teaches you the basics of how to efficiently combine a robot’s sensors and actuators.

Next, learn how to integrate simple mechanical parts with motors, batteries, sensors, and other electronics. Gain experience in analyzing problems and designing solutions in an iterative fashion. Also, you’ll end up with a sweet, infinitely extensible wheeled robot that can navigate toward a light source and avoid obstacles along the way!

Pick up the Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle at IGB Deals for 90% off—just $29.

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