Learn How to Build a Computer for Less Than $20

Dying to build a custom PC that can take your gaming experience to the next level? But, you’re lacking the technical know-how to get started and believe learning will be difficult and expensive? Well, think again! With the How to Build a Computer Bundle, easily learn how to build a computer — and make it awesome — from the ground up.

Learn How to Build a Computer for Less Than $20

Kick things off by learning all about the functional roles of the various components and hardware that make up a computing system. After understanding the basics of computer architecture, then learn about and familiarize yourself with the tools your build requires. Next, fully assemble the necessary hardware and wire it all together under the expert guidance provided within this bundle. Last but not least, install your preferred OS onto the computer and get ready to game — you just built your own custom PC!

In addition, this 5-course bundle — featuring more than 4 hours of instructional content — teaches you Ethernet wiring infrastructure, the basics of laptop hardware, and advanced computer building tactics.

Pick up the How to Build a Computer Bundle at IGB Deals for $19, which is 94% off its original price of $375.  

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