Learn How To Design Multiplayer Games with Unity

Curious about the innovative tricks, techniques, and solutions that make multiplayer titles addicting? With the Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle, you can take your natural curiosity about game design to the next level by learning how to craft your own multiplayer hit!

Learn How To Design Multiplayer Games from Scratch with Unity

Core to many multiplayer titles is an exciting and engaging combat system. Regardless of your programming skills, this bundle, which features more than 20 hours of training in Unity 3D, will teach you the physics and techniques behind instituting great combat logic into your video game. You’ll get practical experience designing melee and ranged combat systems–all the while becoming familiar with 3D pixel art graphics and game source code.

Communication is also key in online video games, and this training shows you how to create an in-game mail system using MySQL and PHP.

Pick up the Building Multiplayer Games with Unity Bundle at IGB Deals for $39. 

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