IGB Deals: The 2016 All-Star Mac Bundle

The 2016 All-Star Mac Program Bundle

Meet the Dream Team: 11 Top-Rated Apps to Reach Your Full Mac Productivity Potential


  • BusyCal 2

With BusyCal, you can quickly view and edit events, to-dos, and alarms so you’ll never miss a commitment, big or small.

  • DEVONthink Personal

Think of DEVONthink as your digital workplace; it keeps all your data in one database, no matter where a file is physically located.

  • CrossOver 15

CrossOver allows you to run them natively on your Mac without rebooting, using a virtual machine or purchasing a Windows license.

  • Timing

With Timing, you’ll automatically track the time you spend on different activities on your Mac. Then, get full access to data on how long you spend using apps, visiting websites, and editing documents.

  • Yummy FTP ‘Pro’

Whether you need to transfer a few files or a few thousand, schedule automatic backups or perform website maintenance, Yummy FTP will handle it with ease.

  • NTFS for Mac 14

Windows and Mac may not always play nice, but NTFS for Mac 14 is the virtual peacemaker. Its reliable, fast, and allows safe access to NTFS partitions on your Mac.

  • LightPaper

Forget those complex word processors replete with rarely used features—if you’re serious about writing, get LightPaper.

  • Screenie

Finding the right image or screenshot at the right moment is harder than we’d like. That’s why Screenie allows you to view, filter, and share images right on your menubar.

  • QuickRes

With QuickRes, you can easily bypass the process of going through System Preferences by using the handy icon on your menu bar. Quickly switch between preset resolutions or enable HiDPI mode on a non Retina Mac.

  • Find Any File

Mac’s Spotlight search app always tends to come up empty when we need it most. The solution? Find Any File—a program that searches for file properties such as name, size, and date.

  • Downie 2

No more waiting for videos to buffer, because Downie will let you get straight to viewing the clips you love. This premium app saves videos to your Mac from sites like YouTube, which you can then watch offline at your own leisure.

Supercharge your Apple computer with the 2016 Mac Program Bundle from IGB Deals!

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