Mad Orc: Ripstone Indie Bundle

Mad Orc brings two of the most imaginative indie games on the market to bust you out of the winter gaming doldrums with Ripstone Indie Bundle: the massively funny adventure game Stick It To The Man and the visually stunning exploration platformer Knytt Underground.

Have you ever wanted to use a giant pink psychic spaghetti arm to rip the thoughts right out of strangers’ minds? Who hasn’t, am I right? That’s the idea behind Stick It To The Man, a puzzle platformer filled with great characters, crude humor and plenty of crazy situations.

Or maybe you’d rather explore a massive underground world filled with lush visuals and plenty of “metroidvania” style platforming challenges. That’s the slow-burning gameplay of Knytt Underground, the perfect thing for developing your Zen warrior skillset. It’s a 2D, open-world game with a totally chill, ambient soundtrack.

Ripstone Indie Bundle includes:

  • Stick It To the Man
  • Knytt Underground

Grab the Ripstone Indie Bundle for only $4.99 over at Mad Orc!


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