Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle

After 62 Hours of Learning Google Marketing Tools, Salesforce & Online Retailing Techniques, Your Career Opportunities Will Skyrocket with the Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle!

Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle

Successful businesses are driven by data and effective marketing. In this day and age, that means they need a fluent understanding of data and marketing analytics tools to not only maintain a complete understanding of what’s going on within your business, but to communicate that data effectively to your customers, investors, and employees. Over these 9 courses and 62 hours of content, you’ll learn essential tools like Google Adwords and Salesforce to better manage the way you interact with customers, and practical theories behind conversion rate optimization (CRO) and online retail analytics to optimize web-driven business. By course’s end, you’ll have companies clamoring to employ you.

  • Part 1: Google Adwords (67 Lectures, 12 Hours)
    • Gain an overview of Google Adwords, the concept of CPM, search network campaigning, linking Adwords & Analytics & more
    • Explore various Google Adwords features like call-only campaigns, video campaign updates, Extensions, & more
  • Part 2: Google Analytics 101 (35 Lectures, 6 Hours)
    • Learn about web analytics tools & the various benefits they offer
    • Understand the structure of Google Analytics & how to optimize it for your own data
  • Part 3: Google Charts (19 Lectures, 3 Hours)
    • Learn the Google Charts library, from pie charts & bar charts to scatter charts & combination charts
    • Draw different charts based on different data sets
  • Part 4: Learn Salesforce Step by Step (50 Lectures, 9 Hours)
    • Understand different Customer Relationship Management tools & how Salesforce goes beyond the basic CRM
    • Delve into cloud computing, its benefits & drawbacks
  • Part 5: Visualforce Training (30 Lectures, 6 Hours)
    • Introduce yourself to the Visualforce extension of Salesforce to create better user interfaces using the Markup language
    • Create & edit Visualforce pages & applications, & customize functionalities for organizational needs
  • Part 6: Conversion Rate Optimization & Analytics (10 Lectures, 2 Hours)
    • Get acquainted w/ conversions & analytics, & their usefulness for digital marketing
    • Understand the process & methodology of CRO
  • Part 7: Advanced CRO for Digital Marketing & Analytics (23 Lectures, 4 Hours)
    • Study advanced concepts of CRO to get better analysis of your online marketing strategy
    • Enhance your knowledge by learning hypothesis, tool usage, & other optimization & analytical concepts
  • Part 8: Online Retail Analytics Comprehensive Course (47 Lectures, 9 Hours)
    • Understand retail analytics & how it can help you develop better customer relationships & better advertisement & promotion
    • Master the supply chain process & the various types of retail channels
  • Part 9: Visual Analytics Using Tableau Comprehensive Course (61 Lectures, 11 Hours)
    • Understand the Tableau data analysis software, its interface & paradigm components, shelves, data elements, & terminology to effectively create powerful visualizations
    • Create basic calculations, including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations & ratios, date math, logic statements, & quick table calculations


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