Master Google Analytics with this eLearning bundle, now just $20

Master Google Analytics with this eElearning bundle

Are you at a standstill when it comes to the growth of your website? Searching for a confidence-boost for the big launch? Set that stress aside and gain the expertise you crave with a discounted five-course master class.

The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle enables you to take that next step with access to more than 100 lessons on Google Analytics, Data Studio, SEO, and more. For a limited time, with Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters pricing of only $20 (down from $34.99), you’ll set yourself up for success without making a major financial investment.

Consider this a shortcut toward becoming increasingly prevalent in website searches, which has never been more important for large companies and small businesses spanning all industries. As the Harvard Business Review recently noted, it’s imperative to make sure your marketing strategy is based on the right data and tailored to what matters most.

Here’s a closer look at five courses sure to place you on the right path:

  • Google Analytics Certification: Use a variety of practice questions to see what you did correctly and incorrectly, and why. Prepare to pass the official Google Analytics certification exam on the first try, and learn methods to turn that result into a great job.
  • Google Analytics for Beginners: Hands-On Training Course: Load demo data from a real online store, add filters to remove internal traffic, and analyze real-time audience acquisition and behavior reports.
  • Google Analytics: The next step in your development includes a deeper understanding of available data. Establish a Google Ads campaign and use advanced techniques for increasingly detailed insight on user behavior.
  • Google Analytics Course: Install and verify Google Analytics code, take another look at audience patterns, and learn how to measure, monitor, and analyze web traffic to fit your specific needs.
  • Marketing Analytics in Google Data Studio:  Understand how to acquire unpaid traffic, rather than direct traffic or paid traffic, by thriving in the SEO realm, and learn how to sustain a sharp eye on your website’s performance along the way.

Maximize your marketability and quickly reap the rewards by utilizing The Google Analytics Master Class Bundle, available now for only $20 (down from $34.99) while this promo lasts.

Prices subject to change.

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