Neon Chrome Beta Invites

Neon Chrome Beta Invites

The cybernetic heart of Neon Chrome beats after each death and gives birth to a completely new path ending in a final battle. The Overseer controlling everything trusts his obedient minions to end the life of your asset before you reach him. Your path will be a mix of randomly generated futuristic environments and hand crafted challenges. procedurality


cyberhance_small Your character will be a sum of your choices and a bit different each run. Visit your nearest CyberHance Expressstation and select from a choice of over four dozen cybernetic enhancements. The enhancements range from health and protection improvements to defense and assault systems – and far beyond.


Before each run you choose one of three randomized characters. In Neon Chrome we call these assets. Each one a bit different – everyone as good as dead. The asset is a unique combination of role, weapon, and ability. The sneaky assassin with mines or the robust corp soldier with incendiary grenades? The choice is up to you. characters


destruction_animation Almost everything in Neon Chrome can be destroyed with weapons and cybernetic abilities. You’ll shoot through walls, make rooms explode, and obliterate whole floors while blasting your way through the building.


Neon Chrome is filled with the latest killing solutions ranging from firearms to lethal assault drones. The building hosts a small army and even some devastating military robots. If you have an obsession with security, you’ll love ARMOCORE sales people. armocore_advertisement


vlcsnap-2015-11-09-17h24m23s217 If your local friends would like to help you bringing down the Overseer the backdoor to CryoNix corporation cryocenter allows the activation of multiple assets at once.


Armed with your skills, weapons, and cybernetic abilities you’ll have a fighting chance of defeating the Overseer. Go on, venture into the Neon Chrome and remember: Death is always a new procedurally generated beginning. overseer


arcology A number of people will be invite to experience the Neon Chrome beta. The people selected will be able test the game before the release, so sign up for the mailing list if you’d like to apply.

Get your invitation by heading over to Neon Chrome!

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