The NES30 Bluetooth Controller: A Gaming Classic, Reinvented

The NES30 Bluetooth Controller – imagine a NES controller that doesn’t make your hands bleed with sharp edges.

Now imagine playing your favorite NES and SNES games via emulator with this baby. Or pretty much any Steam game with joypad support. Also works on Mac, Android, iOS and Wii!

Multiple controllers at the same time are supported so you and your buddy can play Battletoads or Double Dragon in co-op!



  • Classic NES look and feel
  • Connects via Bluetooth or USB cable
  • High-quality buttons and precision D-pad
  • Multiplayer support
  • Reprogrammable keys
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Wii and emulated games
  • Rechargeable battery with 20+ hours per charge

Here are some reviews:

“When you consider the relatively low cost of the NES30 pad and take into account its superb construction and excellent physical interface, it’s easy to recommend this controller to seasoned emulation experts or people looking for an alternative way of controlling their smartphone titles.” –

“…This may be the closest you get to reliving those many, many hours spent playing Mario Bros. games in the family den.” –

“The NES30 controller is a throwback that looks and feels like a true classic.” –


The NES30 Bluetooth Controller is available via IGB’s Deals store for $29.99 – that’s 25% off the normal price.

Free world-wide shipping included! 1 year warranty.

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