Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: Lifetime 100GB Subscription

Struggling to manage all your digital files across a handful of devices? Often wishing you had more storage space or simply an easier way to back up valuable data? With Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: Lifetime 100GB Subscription, you can automate storing optimized and discoverable versions of your files for any device.

Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: Lifetime 100GB Subscription

Using artificial intelligence, this powerful cloud storage solution uniquely approaches backing up your data. It analyzes and organizes data in such a way that your information is immediately available on Hot Storage while making sure its original, large version is in Cold Storage as well. Plus, it makes finding files convenient: filter results by owner, type, date created, date modified, dominant color (for photos), camera type, and more!

In addition, Intelligent Cloud — tracking all account activity under the same security treatment as NASA, Netflix, and the US government — restores any file to any device with one click and without any intervention.

Pick up Zoolz Intelligent Cloud: Lifetime 100GB Subscription at IGB Deals for just $49.99.

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