Pay What You Want: 5 Years of Zoolz Cloud Backup

Pay What You Want: 5 Years of Zoolz Cloud Backup – Beat the Average to Score 500 GB of Backup! Lock In a Smarter Storage Solution for Your Data

Pay What You Want: 5 Years of Zoolz Cloud Backup

Zoolz offers a smarter way to purchase cloud backup based on tiered solutions meant to suit your particular needs. With this bundle of Cloud Storage and Instant Vault Storage, you’ll safely store massive amounts of data. Beat the average price to get 500GB—or pay what you want for 100GB.

  • 50GB of Cold/Cloud Storage
  • Automatic: Cold storage files are backed up with the rest of your files instantly
  • Easy data selection: Use smart selection, add files and folders to Cold Storage and Zoolz will do the rest
  • Lifetime storage: Store all your retired media without additional costs
  • Fully featured product will backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention, and more
  • Incremental: After the first backup, only new and changed files will be back up
  • Block level backup: Backs up only block changes of large files such as Outlook PST
  • Durable and reliable: Your data will be stored redundantly over multiple facilities
  • Duplication technology: Files are compared before being processed to avoid re-uploading duplicated files
  • 50GB of Instant Vault Storage
  • Via the web browser, directly drag/drop any files to Instant Vault
  • 1-click copy from cold storage to Instant Vault for easy sharing and access
  • Share data between collaborators without altering structure of original files

Grab this DEAL and get set for 5 years

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