Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle

If you want value for your money – and you want to learn how to code games, look no further!
IGB Deals Pay What You Want Game Developer Bundle is actually a compilation of 3 bundles, with 15 courses and hundreds of hours total.

Get this amazing 15-course bundle at IGB Deals for a Pay What You Want Price


Game Developer Bundle Includes:

  • HTML5 App & Game Development 6-Course Bundle

Stone River eLearning curated this bundle of six HTML courses to teach you the ins-and-outs of this popular, beginner-friendly language! Turn your ideas into code as quickly as possible, and keep coming back for refreshers with this lifetime pass to hours of interactive lessons.

  • Unity 3D Game Development & Design 4-Course Bundle

Unity 3D powers many of the world’s top interactive games, and is your ticket to the top of the download charts. Stone River eLearning gathered four essential courses to deliver a complete training on everything from character development to special effects.

  • ‘Game Development for Non-Coders’ 5-Course Bundle

There’s a perfect solution for gamers with amazing concepts brewing in their heads, but zero interest in coding—and that solution lies in these five courses. Master Stencyl and Construct 2 intuitive software platforms, and start easily dragging-and-dropping features to create your dream game.


When you finish your first game, send us a copy, yeah? 🙂

Get this amazing 15-course bundle at IGB Deals!

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