Pay What You Want to Master the Linux Operating System

Fascinated by the dynamic relationship between hardware and software? Want to understand the fundamentals of how laptops, smartphones, and other computer devices function?

The Pay What You Want: The Linux Lifetime Mastery Bundle teaches the basics of operating systems, so you can become proficient in working with Linux, the world’s fastest-growing OS.

Pay What You Want to Master the Linux Operating System

This 4-course, 20-hour training bundle is set up as Pay What You Want, meaning you can pay literally any price you choose and unlock one of the top included courses on the fundamentals of operating systems instantly. Beat the average price paid, and you can take home all four courses at no extra charge.

Before diving deep with Linux, you’ll first learn the ins and outs of how modern operating systems work. From examining their overall objectives and structures to describing how their functions work together, this training will give you valuable insight into the backbones of all computers. Plus, this bundle introduces you to JavaScript, building your coding background toward more advanced operations with Linux.

With the basics covered, you can master Linux with two hands-on courses. Learn how to install Linux V7, handle system initialization, work with disk partitions, and manage packages, users, and groups. In addition, these courses prepare you for a Certified System Administrator exam. Since Linux runs servers used by Google, Facebook, and other major websites, Linux-savvy administrators are in high demand!

Pay what you want at IGB Deals and start operating Linux today!

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