Phantom Dust releases for free (FOREVER)

Phantom Dust releases for free for both Windows 10 and Xbox One – a 2004 card collecting action strategy video game developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox console – that has been rumored will return as a remake or a remaster for a long time.

Well, the rumors were true, this free version will be a remastered one, but it will till use the original assets.

Xbox One version is already live and available on Xbox Marketplace, while we’ll need to wait a few more hours for the PC version to become available.

This is not a one-day-free deal, once it’s live, it will remain free so no rush in getting your copy.

We’ll update the article once the PC Windows 10 version is available for download.

UPDATE: And now it’s available! To download it, you need to have Windows 10, go to the Microsoft Store and search “Phantom Dust”, then click the GET button (9.50 GB). Enjoy!

If you want more freebies, check out other free games.

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