PlayInjector: Remember 2014 Bundle

A selection of some of PlayInjector’s favourite games from all their’s 2014 bundles! Get them all from $2.99 up! Here are our favorites:

Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game about suicidal ninja robots. Fly through space, leap over planetoids and destroy opponents with your trusty katana.

Fibrillation is a first person philosophic horror with elements of mysticism for a run-through in one breath. You’ve got only one chance to play through the whole game with no savings.

Featuring over 12 hours of action-adventure gameplay and fully-realized co-op, players are poised to experience a beautiful world set to an evocative soundtrack. With twenty-two different locations, dozens of foes and hundreds of secrets, Pid is like your world… only different.

Remember 2014 Bundle includes:

  • Shi No Mori
  • Plain Sight
  • Stoorm
  • Fibrillation
  • Bridge Constructor
  • PID

Remember 2014 Bundle is available over at PlayInjector.

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