Protect and Store All Your Personal Data for Less Than $40 a Year

From creating documents on your computer to editing photos on your smartphone, you generate new data every day. And, because this information is personal, it’s important to store it in a safe manner!

With a one-year subscription to SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage, you can protect your private information with a whole terabyte of storage from one of the world’s most secure cloud solutions.

Protect and Store All Your Personal Data for Less Than $40 a Year

With end-to-end encryption, ONE protects your data before it leaves your computer, while in transit, and once it arrives at SpiderOak servers. Plus, SpiderOak truly keeps your personal information private by maintaining no knowledge of your password, any data stored on its servers, or the metadata associated with your files.

In addition, ONE provides secure, reliable backup to protect your files against data loss as well as ransomware. And file-sharing? This cloud solution lets you share files securely with others through a web-based interface. It’s also accessible from all your devices, seamlessly syncing data between them regardless of operating system.

Get a one-year subscription to SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage at IGB Deals for $39.99, which is 69% off its original price of $129. 

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