Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle (93% off)

Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle – a collection of eLearning courses for a fraction of the price, collecting online courses on Python for both beginners and advanced programmers.
Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle (93% off)

Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle collects the following online courses:

  1. Learn Python 3 from Beginner to Advanced – Python is widely considered one of the best first programming languages to learn because of its general-purpose nature and its relatively simple syntax and readability. This course will introduce you to the newest version of Python, Python 3, and teach you how to utilize this important language through hands-on examples. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code, this is the place to start!
  2. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Django – Django is a web framework written in Python that promotes rapid development and pragmatic design. This course will teach you how to deploy a blog to a Ubuntu Linux server independently, build a Pig Latin translator, and a design a Reddit clone. By building these three projects, you’ll gain an expertise using Python in web development.
  3. Python for Programmers – Use in-browser programming exercises to fortify your Python programming knowledge in this hands-on course designed for programmers. Learn quickly or at your own pace – at the end of the day, you’ll have solidified an understanding of this important language.
  4. Python Scrapy – Scrapy is a Python library that uses XPath or CSS to scrape data from web pages. With Scrapy, you can target specific elements on a web page to glean data and information that can be used to better understand how the page works. Data scraping is an increasingly in-demand skill, and this course will verse you in a valuable tool to do it
  5. Python Scipy – Performing mathematical functions in code sounds difficult because, well, it is. However, with Python’s Scipy library, you can create and execute complex computational functions with considerably more ease. Whether you need to process and calculate mass amounts of data or you’re just a statistics nut, learning Scipy will be an enormous asset.

and 4 more Python-related courses!

Python 3 Bootcamp Bundle is available at IGB DEALS for 93% off

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