Super Savings: March 13th

Here’s what you can save on this weekend. Some pretty great sales are included, and we’re sure you’ll find something to you liking: be it EA titles, Paradox Interactive strategies or racing games available over at GOG. Super Savings all the way!

  • GOG: YAY, EA! Weekend Promo


A big bundle of DRM-free awesomeness for you guys this weekend, all at a flat 60% discount – talk about pieces of electronic art.


  • Green Man Gaming: Racing games up to 75% OFF



Adrenaline-fused racing games on sale! Top choices:


  • Gamersgate

SEGA weekend is in progress over at Gamersgate, and that means only one, but good, thing. 66% OFF Alien Isolation!

Worth mentioning, Amazon’s GTA sale is still on. Don’t forget, you can buy digital titles from Amazon even if you’re not from USA. Just enter US address as your primary one! Also, Paradox Interactive sale is still on over at Gamersgate. Find out more about the aforementioned deals HERE.

For more awesome deals, visit our Sales section!


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