Super Savings – Saturday, 28th February

Super Savings on video games, Saturday 28th 2015


Psychonauts $4.99 (50% OFF, Greenmangaming)

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord – $1.24 (75% OFF, Steam)

Woodcutter Simulator – $1.99 (72% OFF, Greenmangaming)

A New Beginning: Final Cut – $2.99 (70% OFF, GoG)

Grid $3.74 (75% OFF, Gamersgate)

Borderlands 2$5.59 (65% OFF, Gamesrocket)

Valkyria Chronicles $9.99 (50% OFF, Greenmangaming)

Rise of Venice – $6.24 (84% OFF, Amazon)

Company of Heroes – $9.99 (50% OFF, Greenmangaming)

Journey of a Roach $4.49 (70% OFF, GoG)



There’s also a Sonic sale over at Greenmangaming! Enjoy!


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