Super Savings – Tuesday, 3rd March

Super Savings on video games –

Tuesday, 3rd of March 2015

A treat for all the couch detectives – if you really want to know who’s behind the Black Dahlia case, L.A. Noire is going $4.00 on Amazon! For those who are into extreme sports, also from the comfort of your couch or chair, OlliOlli is featured on Steam at 75% OFF! Dogfighters of the gaming world haven’t been forgotten either – LUFTRAUSERS are $2.49, also on Steam. Banner Saga is still discounted on Gamersgate, and the Titanfall discount has ended on Amazon, so no more of that! Happy gaming!


L.A. Noire – $4.00 (80% OFF, Amazon)

OlliOlli – $3.24 (75% OFF, Steam)

LUFTRAUSERS – $2.49 (75% OFF, Steam) 

Midnight Club 2 – $2.00 (80% OFF,  Amazon)

Bully: Scholarship Edition – $3.00 (80% OFF, Amazon)

Why So Evil – $1.00 (80% OFF, Amazon)

The Banner Saga – $10.00 (50% OFF, Gamersgate)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition – $1.99 (75% OFF, Amazon)

Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior – $4.00 (80% OFF, Gamersgate)

Skilltree Saga – $7.95 (15% OFF, Gamesrocket)


Gamesrepublic is having another Paradox games sale –  9 games in the mix  – check it out here

Paradox Sale


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