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Humble Book Bundle: AI & Machine Learning Toolkit

To help start your journey in AI field, Humble is here to provide you with books like Introduction to Graph Neural Networks, Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning, and Adversarial Machine Learning.

The Humble Book Bundle: Data Science and Data Analytics

Get ebooks like Data Analysis for Business Decisions 2E, Data Science Fundamentals Pocket Primer, and Big Data Using Hadoop and Hive, starting from $1. Pay more to get more books!

Humble The Learn You More Code Book Bundle

Get ebooks like PowerShell for SysAdmins, Effective C, The Rust Programming Language, and The Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition and bring a new level of brilliance to your programming practices!

The Humble Unf*ck Your Life Book Bundle

Get ebooks like Unf*ck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers,This Is Your Brain on Anxiety: What Happen and What Helps, and many more.

The Humble Book and Comic Bundle: Be the Change

Get ebooks and audiobooks that feature and highlight PoC authors, creators, and characters like Falling in Love With Hominids, Neveryona, and This Book is Anti-Racist. 

Humble Book Bundle: Learn You Some Python

Learn the essentials quickly with ebooks like Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, 2nd Edition: Practical Programming for Total Beginners, Cracking Codes with Python, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python and more.

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer 40K Deathwatch

Start your RPG adventure with the Deathwatch Core Rulebook then take on the deadliest opponents with Honour the Chapter, First Founding, Mark of the Xenos, and Rites of Battle.

The Humble Book Bundle: Software Development

Get ebooks like Becoming a Better Programmer, Head First Agile, 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, and The Art of Readable Code.