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The Humble Book Bundle: Software Development

Get ebooks like Becoming a Better Programmer, Head First Agile, 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, and The Art of Readable Code.

The Complete Learn to Code Bundle (price drop)

Learn to Code with this awesome dev eLearning bundle, collecting lessons on Python, AngularJS, HTML5 & CSS3, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Cloud Computing and more.

Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle

Covering all aspects of the development cycle, Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle will teach you all the tools and techniques needed - HTML5, PHP, NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, Flux, JQuery and Javascript.

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle

This is the perfect beginner choice to put you on the path to making big money in Xamarin development. Available at IGB DEALS for a limited time!

Complete Front-End to Back-End Coding Bundle

Learn several programming languages like Django, Scala, Scheme, Linux, Python, C, Ruby, Haskell, PERL & much more and get an exact idea of how to create a website CMS & other web apps. This bundle is currently 95% off!

iOS & Xcode Developer Training: Lifetime Subscription 99% off

Master all of Apple’s major programming tools, from Swift to WatchKit, with lifetime access to a full-spectrum of iOS training and new classes added monthly. This subscription has you covered with courses on everything iOS, and keeps you covered as new technology is released.

All-Level Python Programming Bundle

All-Level Python Programming Bundle - Go From Beginner to Expert w/ 32 Courses of Comprehensive Training in One of the Web's Most Popular Back-End Languages. All courses come with lifetime access at 1337 Institute of Technology.

Learn to Code by Building Startups with Code4Startup

Learn to code with expert instructor Leo Trieu and follow along with hands-on projects based on the apps we know and love: Tinder, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, and more. He’ll walk you through how to build web applications, while familiarizing you with today’s top languages: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, etc.
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