Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle

You don’t need to learn both Java and Swift to build apps for Android and iOS. With Xamarin, you can use the C# programming language to build fully-functional apps for iOS and Android at the same time. Because Xamarin developers can stream the app-building process so much, companies are demanding them in a big way.

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle collects the following online courses:

  • Learn Xamarin by Creating Real World Cross-Platform Apps – This is the perfect beginner course to put you on the path to making big money in Xamarin development
  • Xamarin iOS: A Master Guide to App Development in C# – You’ll go from Xamarin beginner to aficionado in this intensive guide, demystifying C# and .Net concepts that will make your Xamarin.iOS apps work seamlessly
  • Xamarin Forms 2.0: Beginner to Advanced – When you use Xamarin Forms 2.0, you can build a single project with shared C# code. In this course, you’ll become proficient in C#, while learning how to build iOS and Android apps simultaneously, thereby increasing your app’s presence, and potential income.
  • Xamarin Android: A Master Guide to App Development in C# – When you build Android apps with Xamarin, you’re using native UIs to enable the best possible experience for users.
  • Xamarin Forms: Build Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with C# – With Xamarin, you code your app only once and let the Xamarin compiler build your app for each platform. In this course, you’ll take a pragmatic journey towards building native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows more efficiently than ever.
  • The Ultimate Xamarin Course: Build Cross Platform Apps! – This massive, project-based course will teach you Xamarin development by putting you right in the trenches, building real world apps that you may add to your portfolio.

Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle is available at IGB DEALS

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