Learn to Code by Building Startups with Code4Startup

Build Real Skills & Real Products with Bootcamp-Style Programming Courses


Learn to code with expert instructor Leo Trieu and follow along with hands-on projects based on the apps we know and love: Tinder, TaskRabbit, Airbnb, and more. He’ll walk you through how to build web applications, while familiarizing you with today’s top languages: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, etc. Leo’s training begins with a Newbies Section where he’ll introduce you to Ruby on Rails, the programming language behind Code4Startup itself. Then choose your own path as you learn to clone apps like Uber, Etsy, and more.

  • Learn to code w/ tons of exciting projects based on real startups
  • Clone your favorite apps like Tinder & Airbnb
  • Build web applications as you move through the courses
  • Start w/ Leo’s extremely approachable newbie course
  • Access course material anytime, anywhere
  • Deploy your own web app

Learn to Code by Building Startups with Code4Startup over at IGB DEALS

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