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The Humble Book Bundle: Mobile App Development

Add a sweet stack of knowledge to your digital library with titles like Mastering iOS 11 Programming, Android Development with Kotlin, React and React Native, and lots more.

The Humble Book Bundle: Work It Out

The Humble Book Bundle: Work It Out by Callisto Media just launched on Wednesday, January 3 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! Trying to lose some weight and learn how to cook healthy, tasty food? Look no more!

The Humble Book Bundle: A Galaxy of Stars in Sci-fi & Fantasy

Take some time for yourself to explore new worlds in this science fiction & fantasy bundle! You'll find flights of fancy from Ursula K. Le Guin, Patricia C. Wrede, Greg Bear, Octavia E. Butler, and many more.

Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns

Humble Book Bundle: Save the Unicorns includes Ariel by Steven R. Boyett, Unicorn Mountain by Michael Bishop, Homeward Bound by Bruce Coville, Unicorn Triangle by Patricia A. McKilli, and a few books by Peter S. Beagle. Available in PDF, ePUB or MOBI.

The Humble Book Bundle: Brandon Sanderson

The Humble Book Bundle: Brandon Sanderson collects novellas, audiobooks, game guides, and one graphic novel in this bundle that would normally cost over $174.

Groupees Visual Novel Bundle : Jast USA 2

Groupees returns with the JAST 2 Visual Novel bundle. Whether you are a dedicated manga fan or someone simply looking to dip their toes into the culture, this is a great place to start. The stories are all amazingly varied, and are sure to have at least one book to please members of any audience. Supplies are limited though, so don't hesitate.