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Green Man Gaming Welcome Pack is back

Welcome Pack is back - now's your chance (again) to get 6 free Steam games by linking your Steam account to Playfire!

Free Game: Metro 2033

Humble Bundle is giving away keys for Metro 2033! Note that this offer is valid until 11/8 10 a.m. PST! UPDATE: No longer free, now is 50% off.

Free Game: Little Big Adventure

Update: Little Big Adventure is no longer free!

Free Game: Crusader: No Remorse

After we got Dragon Age: Origins earlier this month, Origin is trying to win over more users by giving us the classic sci-fi shooter Crusader: No Remorse free for a limited time!

Free Game: Teleglitch: Die More Edition

What a day for free games! Humble Bundle is wishing us a Happy Halloween by gifting us Teleglitch: Die More Edition! More info inside!

Free Game: Uriel’s Chasm

Indie Gala is giving away 250000 keys for Uriel's Chasm, a weird biblical game that falls somewhere in the indie shooter adventure category. The game comes with Steam Trading Cards.

This Week on IGB

Fanatical Pick & Mix Build Your Own Adventure Bundle

Looking for an adventure, you’ve found it! Choose up to 7 games to add of your bundle! Get 3 games for $1.99, 5 games for $2.79 or 7 games for $3.99.