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Mobile Pixels Duex Plus + Microsoft Office Lifetime License (53% off)

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor offers an impressive 13.3" 1080p HD display screen. Get it for $300 off retail price!

Get fit with Smart Fit watch, now only $39.99 (73% off) at IGB DEALS

Track your steps and mileage. Stay on top of your calories burned, monitor your heart rate, and so much more. If it's your blood pressure or oxygen levels you're hoping to track, this watch will record that too. 

This Biometric Key Protects All Your Digital Accounts From One Device

The JEM Biometric Authentication Device saves all your account information to seamlessly login securely wherever you are — with just one click of a button. Get $20 off at IGB DEALS.

This 4-in-1 Charging Station Is Now an Extra 20% off for Green Monday

Stop carrying around numerous clunky cords and simplify your everyday power source with these mighty charging tiles. Even better, this nifty device is now available for only $31.99 with code GREEN20 (expires 12/16/20).

SFC30 Bluetooth Controller + NES Classic Bluetooth Receiver Exclusive Bundle

For gamers who just plain appreciate a classic, simple controller, this gamepad lets you play your favorite games on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows with complete ease. Also includes receiver for NES Classic Edition.

IGB Deals eLearning sale – 15% extra off everything!

IGB Deals eLearning sale! Get 15% extra off everything with code LEARN15. Save even more when you get one of the countless eLearning bundles.

IGB Daily Deal: Monster Digital 128GB Solid-State Portable Hard Drive 43% OFF

Monster Overdrive, storing 128 GB of data is 43% off over at IGB Deals (with free shipping). Plus, even if a thief swipes your device hoping for your credit card numbers and identity details, joke’s on them. Monster Encrypt™ software encrypts your data so it’s completely unreadable by anyone but yourself.

IGB Daily Deal: Lyrix Axis Levitating Wireless-Charging Speaker

Your dreams of levitating weightlessly while jamming to your favorite tunes has finally come…mostly true. This hovering orb will mesmerize you as it floats in thin air, and the quality sonic power will be music to your ears. Unlike other levitating speakers on the market that require constant recharging, the Lyrix Axis employs wireless charging so you can keep the tunes rolling all day long.