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Fanatical The Game Creators Bundle

Pay $1 to get GameGuru and over 1,500 ready-made items with 50 quality building assets and one Steam game. Pay more and get more assets and Steam games!

The Ultimate Unity Game Development Bundle

If you are interested in developing amazing, commercial quality games that are playable on a variety of platforms, this bundle is for you. Collects 44 hours of online courses.

Create 10 games with The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle

Create the Next Big Game with 15 Hours of Content on Unity 2D Projects — Space Attackers, Super Plumbers, Rocket Defender & More. Create 10 simple games while learning by example!

The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle

With 7 courses, The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle will give you a step by step tutorial on learning how to create characters, environments, UI, 2D Isometric Art, plus more, in Unity & C#

Pay What You Want: Master Game Development Bundle

The latest PWYW Gamedev Bundle is here, collecting online courses on multiple programming languages and gamedev tools such as Unity3d, Unreal Engine, Construct, Phaser, HTML5 and more.

Humble Learn to Create Games in Unity Bundle

Make your own game! Get courses like Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D, Unity Multiplayer Coding & Networking, RPG Core Combat Creator and Complete C# Unity Developer 2D.

Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

Pay what you want for this useful game dev bundle. Game ideas are a dime a dozen, but you can make your dream game a reality with assistance from this amazing bundle suitable for aspiring game developers

The Humble Software Bundle: Game Dev STEM

Get software and resources like 001 Basics E-Book + E-Learning Home Assignments, 001 Game Creator - Dragons Den Resource Pack, 001 Game Creator - MMORPG Kit, 001 Game Creator - 3D FPS / Survival Horror Kit...