Master the art of programming with this $25 web development bundle

Master the art of programming with this $25 web development bundle

If you’ve been interested in becoming a web designer or game developer, this may be the sign you need to get started. Designed for all levels, The Web Development Crash Course Bundle brings you the latest updates in all things coding. 

Web developers are in high demand, that’s no secret, and who better to learn from than the experts? Led by Frahaan Hussain, a lead developer, lecturer, and CEO of the successful educational company Sonar Systems, this comprehensive bundle brings you everything you need to start your journey as a programmer. The bundle covers the basics of coding and gives you a taste of the many different tools needed to succeed in the industry.

With six courses and over 200 lessons, you’ll learn how to create modern responsive websites and applications using Bootstrap, C++, CSS, JavaScript, Modern OpenGL, and more. You’ll start with the fundamentals and work your way to more advanced concepts. With step-by-step instructions given in each course, complete source codes provided, and the content available 24/7, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and seamlessly apply your learnings to build websites of all shapes and sizes. 

Suppose it’s a game you’re specifically looking to create. In that case, you’ll be equipped with the guidance you need to develop interactive 3D experiences and even get up to speed on creating virtual reality applications that pack a punch. With plenty of exercises and examples provided, from setting up to creating interactive 3D worlds, you’ll be able to digest the information by doing, ultimately creating your own creations from scratch. Best yet, certification of completion is included upon finishing each course, making it a great asset to add to your portfolio or resume.

Regularly priced at $1,200, The Web Development Crash Course Bundle can be yours today at $25—that’s just a little over $4 per course! Take on website and game development and tackle a new hobby or career that will blossom into 2022.  


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The Web Development Crash Course Bundle – $25

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