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GMG Halloween 4 Game Pack (NEW)

Updated: includes Corporate Lifestyle Simulator, Huntsman, Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle and Three Dead Zed. Comes with a 10% off voucher for the Halloween sale at Green Man Gaming

Painkiller Complete Pack – $6.99

Painkiller Complete Pack includes Steam keys for 14 Painkiller titles and DLC - available for a limited time at GreenManGaming for only $6.99 - Steam keys.

Green Man Gaming The Deus Ex Collection

The Deus Ex Collection includes the complete library of Deus Ex titles ever released for PC, including the Game of the Year Edition of the original masterpiece, as well as the Director's Cut version of the applauded Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

GMG Mystery Pack Flash Sale ($0.20)

Controversial Green Man Gaming Mystery Packs are on sale again! GMG Mystery Pack Flash Sale is live with mystery games, ranging from throw-away indies to AAA titles. If you're interested in testing your luck, head over to GreenManGaming and let us know what you got in the comments below!

GMG Weekend Specials

Deus Ex: Manking Divided (25% off), Deus Ex: The Fall (75% off), Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition (75% off), Battlestations: Midway (75% off), Tomb Raider Collection (75% off), Hitman GO: Definitive Edition (40% off) and Mystery Game Packs

GMG Mystery Bundles (1 or 3 packs)

GMG Mystery Bundles - Do be aware that this Bundle may contain Steam, Origin, GOG or Uplay keys. Check your key delivery email for further information. Game keys are allocated randomly and customers may receive the same game twice, or a game they already own.

GMG 5 cent games – Idol Hands and Keebles

You can grab Keebles and Idol Hands for just 5 cents each over at GreenManGaming today. Keebles even comes with a set of Steam Trading Cards and has positive reviews!

GMG Summer Sale deals

Rise of the Tomb Raider (40% off), The Orange Box (77% off), Just Cause 3 (53% off), Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack (78% off), Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year (79% off), Batman Arkham Knight (60% off)