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Fanatical Build Your Own Hidden Object Bundle 2 (restocked)

Choose any 1, 5 or 10 games to add of your bundle! Get any 1 game for $1.00, 5 games for $2.99 or 10 Steam games for $3.99. Choose from 17 games from Artifex Mundi.

IndieGala Artifex Mundi Bundle 14

A collection of 10 hidden object Steam games including Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep, The Secret Order 7: Shadow Breach, Skyland: Heart of the Mountain and 7 more Steam keys.

BundleStars: Cryptic Bundle #4

Prepare for the ultimate journey into terror! BundleStars packs plenty of magic, mystery, and intrigue into the fourth iteration of the cryptic bundle. Includes some familiar royalty-free names, such as Robinson Crusoe, Dracula, and Dr. Frankenstein!

Bundle Kings : Happy Easter Bundle

12 games for only $1.49! While most of these games have been bundled prior, it is hard to pass up keys that are this inexpensive, especially if you enjoy tower defense games. A little more than 10 cents each? You really can't lose.

DIG Super Bundle 45

DIG Super Bundle 45 is live with 6 Hidden Object Steam games, all including Steam Trading Cards, for $1.49. If you pay $1.56, you will get TWO bundles! Includes Time Mysteries 2: Ancient Specters, Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma and 4 more

Indie Gala: Hidden Mysteries Bundle

Indie Gala Hidden Mysteries Bundle brings 9 hidden object games in one cheap package. Read on!