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Humble Complete Your Twin Sails Collection: 7 Tabletop Classics

Starting from just $6, get up to 37 Steam keys featuring tabletop hits such as Game of Thrones, Ticket To Ride, Splendor, Mysterium and more!

Humble Mega Music Maker Black Friday Bundle

Mega Music Maker Black Friday Special is perfect for all music producers, beatmakers, DJs, artists, vocalists, and anyone who is looking to create and release their very own music!

Metroidvania/Platformer/Roguelite sale at Humble (up to 90% off)

If you're looking for platformers, metroidvanias, roguelikes or anything in between, the Humble Store has plenty of games on discount in this huge Steam key sale - up to 90% off.

Humble Game Bundle: The Complete 11 bit Collection

Starting from just $1, get up to 24 Steam keys featuring hits such as FrostPunk, This War of Mine, Children of Morta and more!

Humble Train Simulator Bundle

Choo Choo! Expand your Steam library with this brand new PC Steam game bundle collecting Train Simulator and ton of DLC packs, starting from just $1!

The Humble Software Bundle: Unreal Bundle for Devs

Do you want to make your own video game in Unreal Engine? Bring your game to life with this bundle of incredible assets for Unreal Engine creators! Starting from just $1. Available for a limited time.

Humble Payday 2 Steam Game Bundle

Hey, it's that game in which you wear clown masks and rob banks with your friends! Expand your Steam library with this brand new PC Steam game bundle collecting Payday 2 and DLC.

The Humble Day of the Devs 10th Anniversary Game Bundle

Get 14 Steam keys for $10 in the latest Steam Game Bundle by Humble! Get classics like Brutal Legend, Psychonauts, Broken Age and ever more great indie games redeemable on Steam and playable on PC.