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Humble Melee Mayhem Steam Game Bundle

Get over here! A brand new PC Steam game bundle launched full of fighting and melee games including Mortal Kombat 11, Mordhau, River City Girls, Chivalry II and more!

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Warhammer Deathwatch and Rogue Trader

Get core rulebooks for both Rogue Trader and Deathwatch experiences along with dozens of expansions, campaigns, and resource kits, and help support Children’s Health Ireland!

Humble Steam Game Bundle: Warhammer Vermintide

Take on swarms of Skaven and the hordes of Chaos in the Steam game bundle featuring Warhammer: Vermintide 1 & 2! Plus, loot a war chest full of DLC adding new careers, challenges, and more.

Humble Game Bundle: RPG Legends Baldur’s Gate

Pay what you want and score $200+ worth of awesome PC Steam games including 4 Baldur's Gate titles, Planescape Torment and more classic RPGs - and help support charity.

Humble Software Bundle: Indie Game SFX

If you're a game developer and you just suck at screaming into a microphone, check out this bundle full of SFX for monsters, magical weapons, elemental spells and more!

The Humble Software Bundle: Corel Painter

The Humble Software Bundle: Corel Painter just launched today, collecting PaintShop Pro, Corel Painter 2022, AfterShot Pro 3, Winzip and other useful software!

The Humble Software Bundle: Image & Video Tools

Whether you’re creating videos for YouTube, planning a presentation, or just need some easy-to-use tools for a personal photo or video project, this bundle of software from Movavi has you covered!

Humble Book Bundle: All About Tolkien

Delve deeper into Middle-Earth and the art, life, and cultural impact of J. R. R. Tolkien! Get 3 eBooks about Tolkien and his influences for just $1! Pay more to support charity and get up to 27 eBooks worth over $300!