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Humble Mega Music Maker Black Friday Bundle

Mega Music Maker Black Friday Special is perfect for all music producers, beatmakers, DJs, artists, vocalists, and anyone who is looking to create and release their very own music!

World Music Day 2022 Free Giveaway at Fanatical

Grab this bundle of royalty-free music tracks you can use in your games, Youtube videos or other projects, free of charge! Downloads are separate MP3 and WAV files.

Humble Software Bundle: Learn Instruments and Design

Looking to pick up a new fun and creative hobby? Or explore your creative design side? This bundle full of awesome software can help!

Groupees: Space Bundle 2

Groupees: Space Bundle 2 includes 5 Games + 4 Albums + 1 Comics, $1 minimum. Includes Space Robot Samurai Zombie Slayer (what, no pirate?), Into The Void, Houston, We Have a Problem, Captain Supernova - Visions of the Unknown (music) and more!

Groupees – The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle

The Psychic Pixel Party Bundle by Groupees (and curated by Remute) collects 6 games, 4 albums and 1 documentary for a $1 minimum price. Paying $2 or more unlocks both tiers and the complete bundle.

Groupees Wild Wild West Bundle

Groupees Wild Wild West Bundle is a game, music and comic bundle and it supports charity. Pay at least $1 to get Grand Mech Shooter, Wild West Quest: Gold Rush, Disasterpeace / Derris-Kharlan - West and Deadlands - Volume #1 Dead Man's Hand.

Groupees Steam Punk Bundle 4

Groupees Steam Punk Bundle 4 - 5 games, 5 albums, 2 comics + 1 surprise. $1 minimum. Includes the following games: Teslagrad, Damnation, Avenging Angel (Early Access), Namariel Legends: Iron Lord premium Edition, Crazy Steam Bros 2, plus some comics, soundtracks and albums.

Groupees: Attack of the OSTs!!

A bundle of original soundtrack recordings - including the awesome music from Doom, Sword and Sworcery LP, Turrican, Frizzy the Game and more!