Groupees: Attack of the OSTs!!

Groupees Attack of the OSTs!! – a bundle of original soundtrack recordings, including music from Doom. How awesome is that?

For the minimum of $2 you will get:

  • Atrium Carceri – The Old City – OST
  • Ben Prunty Music – StarCrawlers Soundtrack
  • Chris Huelsbeck – Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1
  • Frizzy the game OST
  • Chris Christodoulou – Hexadecimal (Bonus)

Pay more than 4 bucks, and also get:

  • Aubrey Hodges – Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack
  • Jim Guthrie – Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies
  • Big Giant Circles – Zombocalypse 2 Soundtrack
  • Saskrotch – Rex Rocket Original Soundtrack
  • Robin Ogden (OGRE Sound) – Monster VS Sheep OST


Get this video game music bundle over at Groupees for $2 minimum


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