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Otaku Bundle DX

Otaku Bundle DX is a PC, Windows and Mac game bundle collecting 6 Steam games for $1.99. All keys activate on Steam and you can group-buy multiple bundles to save money. Includes Dwarflings, Woodlands, Bayou Island and more

OtakuMaker Discount Bundle 14

OtakuMaker Discount Bundle 14 is live – this PC game bundle collects BoomTown! Deluxe, Aegis, Cube Land Arena, Call Of The Mighty Warriors, Baseball Mogul Diamond and Baseball Mogul 2015 for $0.99

OtakuMaker Bundle 30

OtakuMaker Bundle 30 - a collection of 6 Steam games for $1.49 that includes Tangled Up!, ConflictCraft, Control Craft 3, Genius Greedy Mouse, Masha Rescues Grandma and Karma Miwa

OtakuMaker Discount Bundle ($0.99)

OtakuMaker Discount Bundle - get 6 indie Steam Games for $0.99. Games included are Lost Moon, Ping Pong, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Sixtieth Kilometer, Red Lake and Rise of The Ancients

OtakuMaker : Steam Greenlight Bundle #4

What do we want? Greenlight games! ...I'm not sure I've ever said that, but every time I give them a serious look I find at least a couple intriguing titles. Don't let the voting aspect stop you! Get in there kid!

OtakuMaker: Greenlight Bundle #3

Grab 6 Greenlight titles for only $1.49. Four of the games in this Greenlight Bundle already feature cards so be sure to take a look at the offerings inside from OtakuMaker!