OtakuMaker: Greenlight Bundle #3

OtakuMaker: Greenlight Bundle #3


Pay $1.49 to get the following:

  • Bibou

The island that lives Bibou and his family was invaded by cocus. These invaders were over there to ensure that no one would collect the yellow stones. The cocus warned that their boss is coming to this island to collect the stones and use them to ensure an army and invade the island.
Now Bibou need to collect all the yellow stones of each area before this mysterious boss come and collect them all.

  • Crystal Cosmos

You play as Lord Alabastar, ruler of Alabastion, the Kingdom of Light and Order. Your kingdom has been invaded by Obsidious, Lord of Darkness and Chaos. You lose the battle against the invaders. Shattered into nine pieces, the core of Alabastar narrowly escapes.

  • Super Blue Fighter

Addictive space-suvival game. Test your nerves and hit the right color robots to get maximum score in this arcade game.

  • Dynamite Alex

I already have a game in the making that is currently waiting to be greenlit titled Missileman Origins, but I figured there is one other game I have in mind that I wanted to release on Steam as well. That game is Dynamite Alex, a title I created back in 2014, but with little fanfare at all at the time. It runs on the same engine as Missileman Origins, and therefore having a similar sense of classic 2D run ‘n gun gameplay as such.

  • Missileman Origins

Missileman Origins is a retro-esque action-platformer set in a world where robots and humans co-exist as civilians. Missileman is one of many lucky robots to get to attend the very first ever school for robots whose minds are built to expand for learning. As such, many of the characters you see in the sketch paper are fellow students, aside from certain obvious exceptions.

  • Space Travel

The space pirates committed terrorism in some planets and their next tarjet is the Earth.
Your mission soldier, is to prevent that their plan is completed before they reach our planet.
It is possible to play up to two players and use gamepad.

Grab this Greenlight Bundle only from OtakuMaker!

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