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The Humble Book Bundle: Make Games, Play Games by Raspberry Pi Press

Get ebooks like Code the Classics: Volume 1, Endling: Adventuring back from the brink of extinction: Wireframe #41, Make Games with Python and more

The Humble Book Bundle: Raspberry Pi

Bring your programming dreams to life with a Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Press book bundle! Get The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book – Volume 1 and more

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit + Mastery Bundle 80% off

If you are looking for quality hands-on elearning, The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle is a fantastic place to start, and it includes a Raspberry Pi 3 Kit so you can go from theory to practice.

The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Training Bundle

The Raspberry Pi has become one of the most popular tools for hobbyists and engineers alike, but it can be tough to find the best jumping off point when you start tinkering. This bundle collects 6 online courses on that, and more.

The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle

Raspberry Pi is one of the most powerful Internet of Things tools on the market, and offers nearly endless programming and computing possibilities. This eLearning bundle includes 8 courses on Raspberry Pi.

IGB Deals : Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi is a compact computer developed by leading computer science educators to help people of all ages explore computing and learn how to program. Simply plug it into a monitor or TV, attach a mouse and keyboard, and you may use it like a standard desktop computer.